You shouldn’t have to choose between controlling electricity costs and great customer service. So your custom-designed system includes more than high-quality solar panel technology for your home or business. You also get a passionate team ready to ensure your system is right for you now, and keeps working for you long into the future.

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Why Choose Utah Sun Solar?


99% of the solar systems installed in Utah have a major limitation. If the grid goes down, none of those systems will function. Utah Sun Solar systems have the ability to work for you in any condition. We strongly believe that if you're going to make such a big investment, your solar should benefit you in ALL conditions.


We only install the industry's leading technology and products. Our install members hold the highest credentials and certifications. We generate savings without sacrificing your curb appeal! Our in-house team of certified designers and installers will help make your dreams a reality. We handle the entire process from permitting to installation, to make sure you have an enjoyable experience going solar.

Save Money

We specialize in every aspect of your solar energy system: from its design to its professional installation and continued maintenance for decades to come.

Total Peace of Mind
Without Industry
Leading Warranty

You’ll have total peace of mind as you watch your system work. Our warranty covers your solar energy system’s production, workmanship, and equipment for 10 years.

Customer Service

We've got your back when it comes to your solar system. If you have any problems or questions, we'll always be just a phone call away.


What others are saying about Utah Sun Solar

"My system will operate all of my critical appliances during a power outage. Just because you have solar doesn't guarantee that, you have to have a Utah Sun Solar system"
Richard P.

Before we got solar we were paying an average of $1500/month. Since Utah Sun Solar installed our system we haven't had a bill over $50. Our system will be completely paid off within 4 years!
Lee & Stephanie Berge- Owners of Berge Auto in Orem, UT

"Not only will my system work when the grid is down, but It looks so much better than my neighbors solar. Utah Sun Solar doesn't cut corners with their installs"
Reagan B.

The Right Solar System For You

Everything we do revolves around ensuring you get the right system that’s right for you. Maybe that’s why one in three of our customers are referred to us by a friend.